Monday, September 26, 2016

Bucs can't weather woes against Rams -- and it will get worse

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TAMPA - The thunder and lightning provided the appropriate backdrop for Tampa Bay Bucs Sunday afternoon.

They need an umbrella. A big. It's raining, baby.

The Bucs are now perfect.

Four consecutive opening home loss.

A 69 minutes delay late in the game simply delayed the inevitable for the Bucs: another loss and high career day lost to the quarter Jameis Winston, who threw for 405 yards and three touchdowns (). It still was not enough to beat a team that has not scored a touchdown in his first two games.

In the country famous for gentlemen's clubs, the Los Angeles Rams made it rain. They scored three touchdowns of 40 yards or more in a 37-32 upset of the Bucs. It is always difficult to assess the different degrees of pain, but it will sting for a while.

Perhaps an entire season.

The Bucs are 1-2 and drew the unfortunate scheduling a visit by the Denver Broncos next Sunday. Super Bowl champions. impressive defense. Currently undefeated. And it's the NFC champion Carolina Panthers on the road on Monday evening.

Peek into the crystal ball, and it's looking like 1-4 and dynamics along the lines of another lost season for the Bucs.

"Our culture is not where it should be," said the Bucs coach Dirk Koetter. "There's something about our culture ;. I wish I could grasp that I am on the teams that have and do not want to let go, but when you do not have it, it is difficult to understand what it. East."

An honest question and evaluation. Good teams understand. Bad teams find ways to muck it up.

The Bucs were mucking up for too long.

It's early, you say? A lot of games left - 13 to be exact. It is time to understand.

Your next question should be: What gives you this hope?

NFL games are generally a series of one-act plays, with a clash not necessarily indicative of what will happen next. But seriously, have not we seen this drama before dark?

The Bucs have not made the playoffs since the 2007 season, and this disappointing start to another - wait for it - promising season gives reason to cry in your beer or favorite alcoholic beverage.

The Bucs promised to be better after a 6-10 record last season. They fired the coach, Lovie Smith, and promoted offensive guru Koetter. Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith came as defensive coordinator.

Smith has earned his money on Sundays.

A quarter of pedestrians playing in his 19th NFL game like Kurt Warner there, reminiscent of the greatest show on turf. Kinda.

Casey Keenum launched two long floats for TDs - a 44-yarder to Brian Quick in the first quarter, and another for Tavon Austin for a score of 43 yards in the fourth quarter after corner Jude Adjei-Barimah could not wrap his arms around Austin the key. Austin jogged in the score.

The Rams also scored on a 77-yard fumble return at the end Ethan Westbrooks on a Winston-bag band.

But it was just a precursor to the great drama - the prolonged delay rain that began at two-minute warning. The Rams faced a third-and-11 from their 5-yard line. It took some time before the outcome has been resolved.

Keenum threw a ball in depth incomplete to Kenny Britt, and the Rams were forced to punt.

The Bucs have led to the Cheap Rams Jersey 20-yard line, but Winston became hesitant about a racing game with four seconds left, hesitating before rushing out of the pocket. He was arrested to 10.

"This is a game," Koetter said. "There were so many games in this game like that."

Unfortunately, played enough to make a difference for the Bucs.

Game over.

And do not look too good for the season, either.

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